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Due to several types of professionals, public safety, law enforcement, and individuals of good moral character involved with the Templar Knights Motorcycle Club and the image we wish to present we have high levels of strict standards for our members.

Disqualification of Membership

     At time of application a prospective member cannot be under indictment of any kind, under investigation, or currently a defendant in any active criminal court or sanctions.

     No prior Felony Convictions of any type in the United States or its Territories.

     No current protective orders as a respondent.

     No convictions of domestic violence or any violence within the last 10 years, 15 years for any aggravated charges.

     Currently, or in the past, a member of, or associated with any gangs, or hate groups or any anti-government activities or terrorism.

Have never been dishonorably discharged from any branch of the United States Military.

At any time after appointment as a member to the Templar Knights Motorcycle Club USA, is found that a member misreported any of the conditions of Disqualifications stated above, the misrepresented member will have his/her membership suspended pending a review of said member.

     If it is found that a Templar Knights has misreported his/her past criminal history, after a review, and it is found that they did in fact misreport any Disqualification history. The member will forfeit their rights and privileges as a member of the Templar Knights Motorcycle Club USA.

    Upon forfeiture of their rights, any and all property that was obtained from the Templar Knights Motorcycle Club National Head Quarters will be returned without question.

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