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             By Laws / Rules

1)         Name & Rights.

    Both the name "MC Templar Knights" as well as the Patch and the color and all the illustrations in letters and pictures will remain the property of the Founding Order. The Founding Knights, Master of the Templar Order Mike and First Knight Captain Eric, (Second in command) will further be known as the Founding Knights of the Order MC Templar Knights USA. They will be known by the Baussant patch, (Small Black & White strip patch on the right side breast.) worn on his vest. It is the standard of the Templar's. This emblem is the military standard and was carried by a captain into battle. Upon returning to the camp, the banner was flown over the tent of the Master. The heraldic colors of Baussant are Black and White.

     Should a member leave the Order, voluntarily or by decision of the Order, all the Order concerned and/or the Orders representing things, patches and any item regarding the Order are to be given back to the officers (board of directors) It is not important whether these objects were purchased by the member or the Order. All patches, objects or any item that refers to or makes any reference to the Templar Knights MC will be returned to the Founding Order of the Templar Knights MC.

2)          The Brotherhood.

       The Order should be a family to each of his members. This includes that no one denigrates another member by words or deeds. IF someone would, it will end in punishment. (3 steps) First time, the member will get an official WARNING at an Order meeting. Second time the member will be set back to Novice state. Third time the member will have to leave the Order in "bad standing" A brotherhood includes staying together. i.e. each male member has to be faithful to the colors and his brother in case of a physical incident. REGARDLESS of whether our member is right or not! If he wasn't right, his misconduct will be punished later from the officers. Each member has to read this statute, understand these rules (ask if needed) and sign it. We claim no territory just the right to travel in peace.

     If the actions of the Member bring such disgrace to the Order the President can elect to skip the first two steps of action of discipline. If President and the Board elect to impose removal from the Order and is so ordered by the President of the Order and the member wishes to be heard they may contact the Founding Knights for a review. A full written report will be furnished to the Founding Knights for their review by the President of the Order in question. In the report all the necessary information regarding the incident in which the member was involved in or caused will be fully documented. The member must also furnish a written explanation of his/her actions for review by the Founding Knights. The Founding Knights may find in favor of the member or uphold the findings of the Board. All decisions by the founding Knights will be final with no appeal.

     All members of a Chapter of the Templar Knights Will ride a motorcycle an will be full licensed and insured as required by State or province. Any Motorcycle 500cc's or over is appropriate for the Templar Knights. We will not dictate what a member will operate as long as it meets or exceeds the 500 cc requirement. Some chapters may add additional requirements.

3)            The Board.

      Founders of the Templar Knights California and USA, Will oversee any and all future Orders within the United States, or any other state, province, or territory, of the United States. This is set and they will oversee all Orders until they are incapable of doing so. Each member has generally the right to become a member of the board. The existing board (or a member of it) could be removed in case of wrong decisions, or acts that violate the rules set forth by the Founding Knights and the Mother Order, or voted out by the members of the Order. A new board member or board will be formed by the members through an electoral process. So, without a good reason, the existing board will stay in duty for an unlimited time. The following offices were introduced by vote and occupied:


Vice President

     The following if needed:

     Sargent at arms, Treasurer, Secretary, Road Captain

     It should be noted here. Female members cannot hold the office of President or Vice President in any Order or Chapter. Female members can hold any other office. This being said, males could only be Knights in the order of the Original Founders of the Templar Knights. So be it in our times as well. Female members WILL be treated with the same respect as any other member. Any Templar not upholding to this will be dealt with per the sections set forth in the Rules of the Templar Knights. The Founding Knights upon hearing of any disrespect to any female member by any other member may come to the chapter if necessary and deal with the issue.

 4)           Decisions.

     Decisions are made by a 2/3 majority of the membership in exceptional cases all officers or Pres & Vice could change this or make a decision on their own if needed. If needed the President and Vice President will defer to the Founding Knights for a decision or guidance. The Founders will not interfere with the running of any Order. As long as the Order is operating in accordance with the Rules set forth by the founding Order.  

     The Founders will, if need be, defer to the Mother Order if further information is required. This is at the discretion of the Founding Knights and is not mandated nor can it be requested by any Order that the Founding Knights to do so. No Novice, or Templar Knight, or any Board or Board member of any Order within the United States, any other state, province, or territory, of the United States may Contact the Mother Order without first requesting permission of the Founding Knights. Doing so will lead to scansion and/or up to removal from the Order as stated is §2 in the rules of conduct.

5)          Order internal affairs.

     Order internal affairs are ONLY for members and are NOT allowed to become public or told to another person. Even not discussed by the members in public as long no decision is made. Acting against this will be punished as stated in §2.

6)          Order meetings.

     Every member has to attend meetings if such meeting is called. Reasons for staying away have to be told to an officer BEFORE the meeting. You'll have to wear your colors to all official meetings. ONLY members are allowed at meetings. Exceptions could be made if discussed prior to meeting.

7)          Order life.

     Every member has the commitment to act within the meaning of the brotherhood. Production activities are voluntary and done alternately. Without affecting the fun in Order life, etiquette and ranks have to be respected. Should a member get knowledge about another member acting against the statute, he is BOUND to share this with the board/officers.

 8)          The Vest.

     Members of the brotherhood must wear the SAME vest only the vests of women & men could differ in form and structure. Different vest, if needed due to a physical reason or availability of the vest required may be substituted if permission is given from the board/officers and Mother order in the USA. The vest will be ordered by the Order Chapter, but has to be paid by the new Templar Novice.

Uniformity in our cut as a Templar Knight: Authorized patches only are allowed on our cut. Even though there are some Memorial patches or patches of some special meaning to a member. These patches can be on a non-Templar cut. Uniformity throughout the Templar Knights everywhere is imperative. When we appear uniform we present ourselves as one strong unit and then we receive respect. If we look disjointed, everyone look different, then we loose credibility. So only authorized patches on cuts.  

9)         Order contributions.

      Each order can have a dues if they so vote into place. Each Order is responsible for its own debits that they accrue. Each Templar Knight is responsible for his/her own debits that they accrue at any function or meeting they attend for their food and drink or any other needs.

10)      Leaving the brotherhood.

     Each member has the right to leave the Order! Should a member announce his/her resignation, it has to be done "face to face" at a meeting, in front of all members of the brotherhood. Reasons have to be named, so mistakes, if made within the Order, can be corrected. §1 will be enforced in this case and the one leaving has to accept the rule. Should a member leave the Order voluntarily or by decision of the Order, all the Order concerned and/or the Orders representing things, patches and any item regarding the Order are to be given back to the officers (board of directors) He/she is not allowed to talk about internals of the brotherhood to others.

11)     Restriction of membership.

     We have no restriction on race, color, sex or creed. We are a Neutral, Independent Order promoting the virtues of humanity by being the best that we can in thought, word and deed.  

A) At time of application a prospective member cannot be under indictment of any kind, under investigation, or currently a defendant in any active criminal court or sanctions.

B) No prior Felony Convictions of any type in the United States or its Territories.

C) No current protective orders as a respondent.a

D) No convictions of domestic violence within the last 10 years, 15 years for any aggravated charges.

E) Currently, or in the past, a member of or associated with any gangs or hate groups or in any anti-government activities or terrorism.

F) Have never been dishonorably discharged from any branch of the United States Military.

Remember that evil triumphs if good men sit idle...

12)        Templar to Templar.

     A Templar would never betray his Brothers. He would never leave his Brother's side; nor would he take for granted the trust his Brothers have placed in him. A Templar's needs and secrets are met and kept by his Brothers/Sisters as though they were their own. 

13)        Templar belief.

     A prerequisite of the order is a belief in something greater than yourself by whatever name you wish to use or however you choose to venerate. To some there is no name for it just simply 'life' which is just as valid. Though these things are never to be discussed within the chapter unless by choice. We are not a "God Squad" or "Bible Basher", "Masons" or a "Cult" We do not push any religion or belief. But we do respect the individual choice.

14)        Templar Order.

     The Order itself will not be held accountable for the actions of its members outside of the Order. Should a member or members bring the Order into disrepute it will be dealt with seriously! We govern our own.

15)       Criminal activity.

     If a member of any Templar Order within the United States, any state, province, or territory, of the United States, is accused of any crime he/she will have a hearing before the board of the Templar Order that they are a member. All the evidence shall be heard. If the Templar is found guilty of the crime he/she will be removed from the Order for just cause. If the member who has been removed from the order or has had the request to have him/her removed requests an appeal all the information will be forwarded to the Founding Knights for review. This review will be final and not subject to any other review or request for further review. The decision of the Founders will be final and binding.

     At any time after appointment as a member to the Templar Knights Motorcycle Club USA, is found that a member misreported any of the conditions of Disqualifications stated above, the misrepresented member will have his/her membership suspended pending a review of said member.

     If it is found that a Templar Knights has misreported his/her past criminal history, after a review, and it is found that they did in fact misreport any disqualifying history. The member will forfeit their rights and privileges as a member of the Templar Knights Motorcycle Club USA. Upon this forfeiture of their rights any and all Property that was obtained from the Templar Knights Motorcycle Club National Head Quarters will be returned as soon as possible with out question. 

16)         Illegal Drug usage.

If any member of any Templar Order is found to be using any illegal drugs, or any drug, not proscribed to them by a Medical Doctor for a valid medical condition they will be removed from the Order of the Templar Knights. The information will be forwarded to the Founding Order and the Founding Knights.     

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